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Pasture plant identification:


Pasture plant identification is a visual aid to help you recognize and name the most common pasture grasses and legumes found in New Zealand, and also a few of our most common cereal and forage crops. Brief details of industry relevance are also included. A self-test can be accessed through the 'TEST' link on the menu screen (click on "Back" below)
Getting started - what you need to know
In order to recognise different pasture grasses and clovers we most often use colour, features of leaf shape and leaf texture, and seed-head morphology. Although it may seem a little formal, it will actually be easier to learn a few botanical terms in order to describe succintly how to recognise particular grasses or clovers. For a quick summary of these "diagnostic" features and the descriptive terms used in this web-site, check out the following pages:



Leaf colour and light reflection
The grass leaf
The grass seed-head
The clover leaf
Grass identification groups


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